On The Issues



Education is a top priority for Aaron as he runs to be the next Senator for the 7th District. Aaron is a proud product of Virginia Beach public schools and a graduate of Virginia Tech. He also has two young children in public schools. But Aaron knows that not every child in the 7th District has access to the same educational opportunities and he is committed to breaking down inequities and ensuring that every child can obtain a high quality education. As a Senator, Aaron will:

  • Fight to raise teacher salaries above the national average
  • Ensure every three and four-year-old child in need can benefit from preschool
  • Modernize school infrastructure so children can learn in safe, 21st Century classrooms
  • Expand access to job training in schools so children are prepared for good-paying jobs


Too many families in the 7th District are struggling to make ends meet. As a Senator, Aaron will be laser-focused on creating new economic opportunities and building an economy that works for every family. As an At-Large member of City Council, Aaron delivered real results for hardworking families, including raising the minimum wage to $15/hour, increasing salaries for education and public safety professionals, and lowering taxes for small businesses. As a Senator, Aaron will:

  • Work to attract new good-paying jobs to the region
  • Invest in job training to equip people with the skills they need to secure good jobs
  • Increase funding for affordable housing and build new workforce housing
  • Lower the cost of health care, including prescription drugs

Health Care

Making health care more affordable and protecting access to abortion are key priorities for Aaron and as Virginia’s next Senator, he will fight tirelessly to achieve these goals. Aaron believes that hardworking families should be able to afford to access the care they need and take their prescription drugs without worrying about being able to put food on their tables. Additionally, Aaron believes that reproductive health care decisions should be made between a person and their doctor, not by politicians. Aaron will not compromise when it comes to protecting abortion rights in Virginia. As a Senator, Aaron will:

  • Fight to lower the cost of health care, including prescription drugs
  • Expand access to coverage so no family has to go without care
  • Fiercely protect the right to an abortion and defend against any attack on abortion rights
  • Ensure access to contraceptives for every person

Public Safety

Violent crime continues to devastate families across the 7th District and public safety must be a top priority. Aaron knows firsthand what it’s like to lose a friend or family to gun violence. As Virginia’s next Senator, Aaron will fight for policies that will improve public safety and protect Virginia Beach and Norfolk residents, especially from gun violence. As an At-Large member of the Virginia Beach City Council, Aaron fought to raise salaries for first responders and police officers, and he created programs teaching young people how to resolve conflict in healthy ways. As a Senator, Aaron will:

  • Fight to raise salaries for hardworking public safety professionals
  • Work to pass commonsense gun violence prevention measures
  • Increase funding for community-based violence intervention programs
  • Invest in programs that teach young people healthy conflict resolution skills